Thematic program: Mathematical Biology

March 4 - June 14, 2013
Lyon, France

Mathematical Biology

The thematic program "Mathematical Biology" will be held in Lyon from March 4th to June 14th, 2013.

The main topics to be addressed in this program are:

Cell biology, population dynamics, quantitative modeling for drug development, systems biology, and evolutionary biology.

A summer school will be dedicated to recent progresses in multiscale modeling, with applications in the life sciences. Grants will be available for PhD students.

Schedule (Please click on the links for further information): 

  • NEW: Mini-course by Peter Kim (University of Sydney, Australia):
    • January 25, 2013: Leukemia, Imatinib, and the Immune Response,
    • February 1, 2013: Modeling cancer stem cell differentiation: Reducing the complexity of agent-based models,
    • February 8, 2013: Role of regulatory T cells in producing a robust immune response & maintaining immunodominance,
    • February 15, 2013: State Transitions and Change Detection: Why do T cells have states?

            The four sessions will take place in Themis room 53, 11H00 (see the How to come to Lyon webpage for travel information).




The first conference is part of the international program "Mathematics for planet Earth 2013" !




See the website of the program clicking on the banner, and our webpage "MPE2013" here or on the link on the left column.


This program is funded by the "laboratoire d'excellence" MILYON, an initiative from the French ministry of research.


Organizing committee:

M. Adimy (INRIA), J. Bérard (UCBL), S. Bernard (CNRS, UCBL), H. Berry (INRIA), V. Calvez (CNRS, ENS de Lyon), F. Crauste (CNRS, UCBL), O. Gandrillon (CNRS, UCBL), E. Grenier (ENS de Lyon), Th. Lepoutre (INRIA), L. Pujo-Menjouet (UCBL), G. Raoul (CNRS, CEFE), B. Ribba (INRIA), V. Volpert (CNRS, UCBL), B. You (CHU Lyon).






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